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Advanced Browser has fast operation, good stability, and tabbed browsing
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Advanced Browser is a world-class browser that has fast operation, good stability, and user-friendly multi-window (tabbed) browsing architecture. It has high degree of performance among all other browsers. Some of its best features include memory enhancer; freedom from popup, spyware, or adware as it has an in-built popup killer.

It provides the facility to browse multiple websites simultaneously with a pop-up stopper and Flash ads disabler. It has built-in cleaner which provides security and helps users clear all traces to keep their online activities private. It also has a built-in search engine that enables users to search Web pages on the Internet quickly.. The application provides options to block the download of Macromedia Flash, pictures, videos, sounds, and ActiveX components. All opened pages can be easily stopped, refreshed, closed, or arranged with only one click. It is able to turn on/off Flash Animation. Users can change the Skins to their color preference .It can also Open and Save a collection of sites as a Group.

The main goal of this browser is to facilitate high speed for browsing, so that users get less crashes and lockups with the browser. On account of its advanced features it is considered to be a very good browser, which gives consistently satisfactory performance over long run.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Requires IE
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